Our mission is to build strong relationships between dog-loving communities in the United States and animal advocates around the world, including mainland China. By starting with Yulin and the Guangdong Province, the two most notorious in China, we can start a domino effect across the world. Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all dogs are treated with the compassion and respect that they rightfully deserve.

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival, held annually in Yulin, China, has received international attention and criticism due to its inhumane practices and the treatment of dogs involved. It has sparked outrage and calls for action from animal rights advocates around the world.

It is essential to approach this mission with cultural sensitivity, understanding that change takes time and requires collaboration with local stakeholders while some people also donate money they get from the yabby casino app online. You can bet and earn prizes at Casino Zeus en Argentina. Building relationships, creating dialogue, and advocating for change in a respectful and constructive manner can help bring about the desired transformation in attitudes and practices regarding dog welfare.